News, Calls and other Links #1/2019

Calls for Applications (Grants, Fellowships, scholarships and awards)

  • The British Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is financing research networks with up to £150,000  available per network, over a 2 year period. These funds are to support running costs, events and activities. They anticipate funding up to 24 networks. Topics include Cities and Sustainable Infrastructure, Education, Food Systems, and Global Health. The call ends on 14. February 2019.
  • TWAS and the German Science Foundation offer postdoctoral researchers from sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa to go on a ‘Cooperation Visit’ lasting three months to an institute in Germany. Open to all academic fields. The application period ends on 1. April 2019.
  • TWAS has a partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences for up to 200 doctoral students in China. Areas include agriculture, physics and mathematics. The call ends on 31. March 2019.
  • The international consortium PRIMA Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area calls for application for research networks in the areas of water management, farming systems, and agro food value chain. Pre-proposals are due on 28. February, final proposals on 16. July 2019.
  • The British MRC and DFID announced their research leaders scheme offering research grants in health and biomedical areas . Deadline is the 9. April 2019


  • The Society of Social Studies of Science’s (4S) annual meeting 2019 will be in New Orleans, USA. Call for papers, closed panels and others. Deadline: 1. February 2019
  • The Third Biennial African Philosophy World Conference’ is taking place in Dar Es Salaam from 28. to 30. October 2019 with a dedicated focus on knowledge practices. The call for papers ends on 1. April 2019

Interesting Reads 

  • Dr. Jenniffer Mabuka calls for “heavy financial investments” by African governments to build the necessary bio-medical research capacities for development and prevention of health crises.
  • In the meanwhile, Makerere University prepares for the end of 20 years of Swedish funding and develops new approaches to secure the continuation of its postgraduate training and research activities.
  • A new open access journal is the promising new kid on the block: Scientific African. The submission criteria and editors are presented here.
  • There is a new focus on non-communicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries, shifting the focus away from infections and others shows Charles Schmidt in Nature.
  • More transparency in funding and data is seen in the biomedical field, following a study of publications. Brian Owens summarizes the study.
  • Linda Nordling follows the paths of success for African scientists, who return from their studies to make an impact for their communities as a key motivation.

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