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News and Links #7/2017

Calls GCRF Africa Catalyst: Capacity building of professional engineering institutes. Deadline: 23.10.2017 Global Health Research Units. Deadline: 20.10.2017 The Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation invites invitations for fellowships on climate chance science from young researchers. Deadline: 1.3.2018 The African Institute for Mathematical Science (AIMS) invites female post-docs to apply for fellowships on climate change science. Deadline: 27.10.2017 Johnson […]

News and Links #6/2017

Calls The European Research Council published its working program for 2018. Principial Investigators from outside Europe are strongly encouraged to apply. The Canadian IDRC seeks to strengthen engineering science and training of research-intensive West and Central African universities. Partnerships with industrial players are encouraged. Deadline for the expressions of interest is the 24.9. Research on […]

News and Links #5/2017

Calls The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) announces 10 new calls for partnerships with African countries to develop and evaluate new vaccines and medications. Deadlines between 5.9.2017 and 2.2.2018 The German Science Foundation issued a new call for proposals for German-African cooperation projects in infectiology. Deadline is the 6. December 2017 The […]

News and Links #4/2017

Calls: IDRC Research Awards 2018 in Development Research – Deadline: 6. September 2017 – Aiming at Canadians and researchers from developing countries UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council — Energy Networks in Developing Countries – Deadline 21.9.2017 European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) – Treatment innovations for poverty-related diseases – Deadline: 5.9.2017 […]

Panel at the ECAS on 30.6.2017: Global scientific encounters. The quest for sustainable research cooperation

In January I organized a panel at the upcoming European Conference on African Studies in Basel. The panel will take place on 30. June at 2pm in room BS004. Together with Claudia Zingerli (SNF), Thomas Laly (University of Zurich), Hikabasa Halwiindi (University of Zambia), and Martin Skrydstrup (University of Copenhagen) as discussant we will elaborate […]

News and Links #3/2017

Calls: ZA: SASAC High-level Systems Analysis Capacity Strengthening Three Week Programme at the Universities of the Witswatersrand and Limpopo for early-career scientsts – Deadline 30.6. CLIENT II – German Ministry of Education and Science call to support  joint research and development projects in the fields of e.g. energy, water management, natural resources – Deadline 29.9.2017 […]

Research and development

Upon entering the debate about North-South research collaborations, I quickly became aware of the fact that such relationships with African partners are often situated in at least two different fields: In the scientific community and the development politics community. What does this difference imply for assessing North-South research collaborations?

Why research about scientific collaborations?

Over the course of my blog entries, I not only want to present recent developments in the field of funding but also discuss some of the hypotheses and topics in the field of sociology of science in a comparative and explorative manner. I hope my approach will over time be used to inform scientists, funding agencies, policy-makers and a wider audience about the trends, patterns and the self-understanding in a growing field of global partnerships.