• Blog-Series: Courses on Research Collaboration

News, Calls and other Links #4/2018

Call for applications (Grants, Awards, Prizes) Grand Challenges Africa invites Letter of Intents on Drug Discovery. Deadline is the 18. July The UK Arts & Humanities Research Council calls for a highlight notice “to encourage applications exploring innovative ways to enhance engagement with, and impacts from, research funded by the AHRC in one or more countries […]

Neue Fördermodelle für wissenschaftliche Nord-Süd-Kooperationen

(English Abstract) International research collaboration depends on grantors and new cooperation models. This holds true especially for partners from countries with low resources for research and development. In a study about research collaborations with European and African participants in the fields of neglected tropical diseases and renewable energies I look at the unequal starting conditions and choices researchers, grantors, and science-policy maker take to balance their effects. Public and private funders have a central role in fostering more equality. (Text in German)

News, Calls and other Links #2/2018

Call for Applications (Grants, Awards) The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) is inviting nominations for her EDCTP 2018 Prize. Categories are scientific leadership, outstanding female researcher, outstanding research teams, and the Dr Pascoal Mocumbi Prize. Deadline is the 28. February 2018. TWAS is inviting nominations for one of its nine prizes for researchers […]

Abidjan Calling – Sustain Science Locally!

On the 29. and 30. November the African Union and the European Union met in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire for their regular summit. This year the African leaders where also confronted with science policy. A large group of scientists has issued the ‘Abidjan Appel’ in Abidjan on the 29. November, calling on their leaders to finally support science more effectively and sustainably.

News, Calls and other Links #9/2017

Call for Applications The Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH) and the Institut Français de Recherche en Afrique of Nairobi (IFRA) offer a short-term fellowship of three month in France for postdoc researchers from Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda, Deadline: 15.12.2017 Three post-doctoral visiting fellowship positions will be available AfricaLics/SIDA to work on a […]

News, Calls and other Links #8/2017

Calls The European Union has published its work programme ‘Science with and for Society’ for 2018-2020 The New School for Social Research’s Institute for Critical Social Inquiry (New York) invites applications from all over the world for its summer schools for graduate students and faculty from 10.-16.10. Among other with Jean and John Comaroff (Havard […]

“Scientific dependence” and “de-institutionalized research”

As soon as you enter the field of research collaborations with African and European participants, you will need a heuristic list or model of the factors that influence the scientific environments and opportunities of collaboration. The deeply entrenched history of Africa and Europe also in regard to science still influences any partnership model. In this blog entry I will give an overview of the factors that need to be considered when analyzing African research environments.