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Fellowship for Collaborative PHD Programme in Economics

African Economic Research Consortium


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Launched in 2002, the Collaborative PhD Programme (CPP) in Economics’ primary aim is to strengthen teaching and research capacity in sub-Saharan African countries, to increase the pool of potential researchers and policy analysts, and to gradually build-up and retain African scholars in Africa, leading to an increase in capacity across the continent. CPP aims to increase output of professionals conversant with – and specialists in – African issues, leading to the possible emergence of various theories and African solutions to these problems. CPP integrates theory, tools and African applications into academic teaching, ensuring that theory is firmly grounded on the empirical side. From the outset, one of CPP’s comparative advantages is its direct relevance to Africa – in terms of research relevance, policy orientation, use of the African reality (data, literature, focus, and examples), and development of theories, literature, and academic materials relevant to Africa – than any comparable doctoral programmes in economics in the world.